Pet Grooming

We understand that if you are a cat or dog owner, you want to keep your pet looking and feeling its best. One important part of pet care is grooming your animal regularly. If you have difficulty tending to your pet, or if you would like a break from the action, contact Posh Puppy in Burien, WA, to make an appointment with our groomer. We are available to handle your pet’s grooming needs as well as routine wellness visits. Here are some aspects of grooming a pet to keep in mind.


Keep Track of Prior Grooming

It is important to keep notation of when you groom your pet so that too much time does not lapse between appointments or sessions. If you are tending to your pet on your own, jot down any relevant information about when you have given your pet a bath or a nail or claw clipping so you can tend to your pet's needs without delay. Your pet's teeth, eyes, ears, and nose should be cleaned daily or every other day if possible. If you bring your pet to our office for grooming services, we will provide you with a future appointment date for pet grooming before you leave.

Be Aware of Any Potential Changes in Behavior

If your pet suddenly does not enjoy grooming sessions with you, it may be because he or she is suffering from a medical problem that needs to be checked out. If your pet does not allow its teeth to be brushed, the animal may have inflammation of the gums or a broken tooth that needs to be looked at in great detail. If your pet does not wish to be bathed, it may be suffering from a wound that hurts when soap is applied. Any change in behavior indicates the possibility of a health issue and requires a visit for an evaluation.

Let Our Groomer Pamper Your Pet

Instead of taking the time to groom your pet on your own, consider bringing it to our groomer for grooming services. Your dog or cat will first be checked over by our staff to rule out any medical issues. If an issue is found, treatment options can be discussed so you can make the right choice to keep your pet in the best of health. Our groomer will then tend to your pet's coat, teeth, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth to keep your pet looking and feeling his or her best.

Are Your Ready to Treat Your Pet?

If you live in or around Burien, WA, call Posh Puppy today at 206-708-7727 to schedule an appointment for pet grooming services. Our groomers will have your pet looking and feeling great!

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