Pet Bathing

Pet Bathing is Great for Your Dogs

Just because your pets can't operate the shower or bath doesn't mean that they shouldn't be cleaned. In fact, regularly bathing your animals are important to their health and well-being in terms of keeping their coat vibrant and skin healthy. While you can bathe your dogs, consider the fact that they like to be pampered too. That's where Posh Puppy comes in, as we've been providing the Burien, Washington, area with a high-quality pet spa for years. Learn more about the importance of grooming and bathing your dogs.


The Importance of Grooming and Pet Bathing

Like we mentioned above, bathing your pets are essential for a healthy fur coat and skin. That's because it won't just help your furry animals feel clean, but it will also eliminate odors, remove loose hair and skin, wash away dirt and debris, and help restore their coat to their original shine. However, it's also crucial to bathe your animals with the right type of shampoo and not overdo bathing. That's because using the wrong product or excessively bathing your dogs can get rid of the coat of its natural oils that help your dogs look great. Here's a look at some tips on grooming and bathing:

  • Regular grooming helps prevent matted hair, and can also help avoid irritation and infection of the eyes and paws, potentially eliminating trips to the veterinarian to seek treatment.
  • Brushing is necessary for your pets and can be a great bonding experience between you and your animals. Brushing should be carried out as often as necessary based on the length of your dogs’ hair. Another benefit is that brushing can help disperse the natural oils throughout the coat, helping add to their overall shine. Start brushing your dogs at a young age, so they become used to the experience early on.

Furthermore, animals love to be pampered, and that's what we do best at Posh Puppy. We understand how many pet owners might not want to bathe their pets in the tubs and showers of their homes, and it's a big part of the reason why we opened our doors. We pride ourselves on not just grooming and bathing your dogs but treating them with care and affection so they can enjoy the experience just as much as you'll enjoy the results of our work.

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