Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean During The Holiday Season

Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean During The Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, everyone in the family wants to look their best for all of the photos and parties. While you are scheduling hair and nail appointments, don’t forget about your furry family members. During the holiday season, your pets need to be clean and well-groomed. Pet grooming can be time-consuming and tricky. This holiday season, focus on baking holiday cookies, decorating the tree, and let Posh Puppy in Burien, WA, take care of pampering your pet.

The Importance of Grooming Pets During the Holidays

Professional pet grooming is a convenient way to ensure your pet smells great and looks the best during the holiday season. Winter can be a difficult time to keep your pets clean. Winter rain, snow, and ice are all grimy and lead to muddy fur. Plus, if your pets get wet outside, their coats can become snarled and matted.

Booking a grooming appointment is an important step in your pet’s grooming routine, but between appointments, brush your pet’s fur daily to work out tangles and remove dirt. Dogs may also need more frequent nail trimmings during the winter months. In the warmer months, dogs may naturally file their nails down while walking outdoors. Shorter walks and more time indoors during the winter means your pet’s nails may grow faster and need to be trimmed more often.

Pet Grooming Is More Than Pretty Pets

Professional grooming can keep your pet clean and looking great during the holidays and throughout the year. Professional grooming is also an important part of your pet’s healthcare. While grooming your pet, a groomer will look and feel for medical concerns, such as lumps and skin irritations, so you can schedule an appointment with a veterinarian if needed.

Call Us for Pet Grooming in Burien, WA

Did you know that December is one of the busiest months for pet groomers? Everyone wants to spoil their pets for the holidays! At Posh Puppy in Burien, we can’t wait to give your pets some extra attention this holiday season. Schedule your appointment ahead of time! Call us today at (206) 708-7727.

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