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Why Dental Hygiene is Important For Pets

Why Dental Hygiene is Important For Pets

Have you had to turn your head away when your sweet dog comes near your face? You may think bad breath is just one of those things that come with having pets, but that is not the case. Not all pets have breath that will curl your hair. When your pet is suffering from dental issues, it can result in bad breath and these problems need to be addressed. At Posh Puppy in Burien, we provide the best service in grooming your pet as well as pet dental care.

Pet Dental Issues

Much like their human counterparts, pets need to have clean healthy teeth and gums. Plaque, bacteria, and tartar can build up on your pet's teeth and get under the gums. From there, the bacteria can travel through the bloodstream to other parts of the body. It can damage major organs and eventually become a much more serious threat to your pet's health. It can also result in your pet’s teeth becoming loose and falling out which will affect your pet's ability to eat. Warning signs to watch out for include swollen or red gums, bad breath, and yellow tartar or staining on your pets' teeth.

Professional Pet Dental Care

Your pet’s teeth can benefit from being brushed regularly. Not every owner feels comfortable sticking a toothbrush into their pet's mouth and not every pet is willing to let them do it. This can cause things to get out of control. If your pet goes to our groomer for regular care, you can include dental services as part of the same visit. We will perform a full inspection of your pet’s mouth, provide a thorough cleaning, and report any issues that are detected. If a serious issue is found, we may need to refer you to a local veterinarian to ensure the problem is resolved.

Pet Dental Care in Burien, WA

Between visits at Posh Puppy, we recommend brushing your pet’s teeth a few times per week or providing your pet with dental treats designed to help your pet maintain a healthy smile. If you live in or around Burien and your pet’s breath isn’t quite lovely these days, call us today at (206) 708-7727 to schedule a visit.

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